Illuxcon 2018!

Things are furiously happening in the studio right now as I prepare for my first Showcase at Illuxcon later this month. I’m more nervous and excited for this than any of my shows so far. I will be amongst my heroes in painting. There’s lots of AMAZING art I’m going to get to see and probably want to buy. And then there’s me, trying to look confident while feeling some seriously strong impostor syndrome. I’m working on 4 paintings at once right now and hoping for maybe one more, trying to figure out just HOW to travel to Pennsylvania without destroying my paintings, my to do list keeps getting larger for some reason, and I’m going to (attempt to) kick ass at Inktober on top of all of it. The waves of panic are controlled by being just so damn busy.

That said, everything posted on instagram this month will be available for sale during the showcase. That is… if I manage to pull this off. I’m goal oriented and organized AF this year though so I’m feeling more pretty damn good than pretty damn screwed. Cross your fingers.

To learn more about Illuxcon, go check em out and admire some awesome art! If you’re going, tell me! Who wants to go to the Frank Frazetta museum?!